PDR Lighting & Accessories


The "ULTRA VISION" PDR Lighting System

US Patent #  US6854862B1


Your light is the most important tool you own! Why not make it the highest quality available?

It's much easier to properly repair the dent when you can SEE it ... If you can’t see it, you can’t FIX it!

Our Premium ULTRA-VISION  ~  W I D E  -  H E A D  ~  Portable Shop Light Fixture is designed for maximum panel coverage with vivid, highly detailed panel definition.  Featuring a 5 strip LED pattern and a super sturdy, durable, lightweight aluminum wide body housing that will not warp or distort over time.  Each LED strip has a dedicated on/off switch to quickly customize the user’s panel view as needed. The standard illumination lens measures a whopping 11" tall X 46" wide to cover more surface area on the panel being worked or inspected requiring less repositioning of the fixture. The Wide Head Fixture can be custom built to your specific width along with custom warm/bright LED color configurations to suit your personal preference.    Item# A1BA46-LED5

The standard 36" 3 LED strip light fixture is well constructed using a rugged extruded housing with rigid molded end caps for strength and durability. The led strip configuration can be customized for the look you want. The housings are available in 12”, 24”,  36”  and 48" lengths or can be custom ordered in any length.  Item # A1BE3-3 for the 36”

The Ultra A1B Portable PDR Shop Light Stand has set the industry standard worldwide for years and is preferred by most veteran PDR techs. This sturdy, compact, super lightweight stand is available in chrome or stainless steel and is designed for mobile hail & dent technicians to position the light anywhere on a vehicle with ease. This stand quickly breaks down to fit in a compact 10” X 10” X 42“space for storage and travel. Item # A1BST for Chrome or A1BST-SS for Stainless Steel

Pack your light stand and fixture in our custom fit hard shell case to protect your most important tool from damage and moisture when traveling.  Link – Item # A62B with A62FK

The newly designed Kwik Clamp Collar eliminates damage to the boom pole when sliding and repositioning the light fixture, and is now standard on all of our lights. There is no longer a need for the white plastic protector to insert into the bolt hole with this new design. Two sizes are available: ¾” for standard fixtures and 1.0” for Wide Head fixtures.  Item # A1BC2 for 1.0” studs or  Item# A1BC2-34 for ¾” studs.

We still offer 120 volt and 12 volt powered fluorescent tube light fixtures if you prefer!


All light stands have the following standard features:

  • Bright chrome finish
  • Sturdy, flexible,  portable design
  • Will extend fixture up to 9 ½ feet tall for most any SUV or truck roof
  • Locking wheels included
  • Custom packed in a reusable shipping box
  • Pivoting vertical mount provides 360 degrees of rotation
  • The pivot head swings the boom pole 180° for precise positioning under tension.
  • Secure clamping joint allows for tension to be set so the boom pole can be moved without retightening.



Optional Items and Features:

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Light Buddy with wireless remote to raise and lower the fixture /  Item# A1BACU
  • Electronic wireless remote dimmer: Dim up to 3 12 volt LED strips remotely / Item # A4C-DIM 
  • 90 degree adapter for ¾ " mounts:  Allows light to tilt a full 90 degrees / Item # A4B90
  • 90 degree adapter for 1.0" mounts:  Allows light to tilt a full 90 degrees / Item # A1B90-1
  • Available Soon!  Drill battery receiver for portable power: Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee / A120M, A120D , A120MIL
  • Ultra vacuum formed battery tray / Item # A1BTP
  • Boom Pole extension adds 1 foot of reach / Item # A1BEXT
  • 120 volt to 12 volt converter: plug your 12 volt fixture into a 120 volt wall plug / Item # A4I
  • Optional lens covers to suite your eye: Item # A1BW, A1BYA1BWS