A116 - T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System - Ultra Dent Tools
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A116 - T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System

  • $1,995.00

A116 - T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System


    As the World Wide Leader in PDR Tooling and Accessories, we are very pleased to announce that we have recently negotiated and successfully obtained much better pricing on both versions of our popular T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System. The new price affects both the 120 volt and the 230 volt versions of the unit and is effective immediately. There is also a price reduction on a new optional 3 meter extension cable and the new optional 120 volt and 230 volt heat pen heads which can be purchased separately.

    We had previously been contractually bound to purchase these units from a third party distributor, but now have a new channel to buy direct from the manufacture at a much lower cost. Price controls and contracts are a reality in today’s business environment. We realize that many of you may have paid substantially more when you made your previous T-Hotbox purchase which is why we are making this announcement at this time. From the day we introduced the unit, we felt the cost was too high and that the price would eventually come down. That day has now come. Our negotiations have resulted in a much lower cost which will now be reflected in the new MSRP as follows:

T-Hotbox 3650A (120 volt) Item # A116 - $1995.00

T-Hotbox 3650 (230 volt) Item # A116B - $1995.00

3 Meter Extension Cable Item # A116C - $145.00 New Item

120 Volt Heat Pen Item # A116HPA - $375.00 New Item

230 Volt Heat Pen Item # A116HP - $375.00 New Item

New Small Tools Heads:

A116HPAS 110V - $375.00

A116HPS 230V - $375.00


    We will be contacting each of you personally that purchased these units prior to the price reduction explaining the details of our Customer Loyalty Program which is currently being deployed.

Thank you for being an Ultra Dent Tool customer!

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hopf, President



Please take the time to research as many video's and online forums as you can, so that you fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the T-Hotbox. There is a 20% restocking fee and you will only have 10 days to return the machine if you are dissatisfied with it. 


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